26 Kids Crocs Your Kids Will Love Wearing In 2024

kids crocs

There was a time when people used to laugh at crocs, saying they were the ugliest shoes ever made. But then, famous singers like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande started wearing them. After that, many Hollywood stars also began wearing crocs, making them popular and stylish. If you’ve tried them, you know how comfortable they are.

Talking about kids, when they wear crocs, they look incredibly cute. It’s just a fact. Seeing a colorful pair of kids crocs on a child can make you smile; even if the kid is crying or having a tantrum, they still look cute. Kids crocs are a pair of versatile shoes. They can wear them as slip-on shoes without the straps or use them for extra support. This makes it easy for kids to put on their shoes by themselves, which is an important skill to learn before going to school. 

However, if your child is at the park or out for a long time, you should choose more supportive shoes as a parent.

3 different types of kids crocs

  1. Clogs – Crocs became famous for their clog-style shoes. These are made from a light, strong material. You can choose the original Crocs with holes to keep your feet cool or a fuzzy Croc for a warmer feel. You can add cool charms called Jibbitz, but we’ll talk more about them later because we like them.
  2. Sandals – Crocs have sandals that are easy to adjust and put on, made especially with little hands in mind to make them easy and secure to wear.
  3. Rain Boots – Croc’s rain boots are like the regular Wellington boots but have handles. We like this part because it makes putting on and removing the boots from little feet much easier.

26 best kids crocs

Crocs are a comfy and cool option when choosing shoes for your little ones. There are many different kids crocs, so picking the best one is important. In this section, we’ll check out the top 26 kids crocs made just for children. We’ll think about how comfy they are if they last a long time, and, of course, if they’re fun to wear. Whether you want classic clogs, easy sandals, or playful rain boots, we’ve got you covered. 

Let’s explore the 26 best crocs for kids and make sure your little adventurers look cool and comfy.

  1. Crocs Unisex-Child Classic Flip-Flops

Looking for flip-flops that last, are strong, and won’t make your kid’s feet hurt all day can be hard. But these navy sandals are great for summer. They have a strap at the back and extra cushioning, so kids can run and play without the sandals slipping off or causing any discomfort.

  1. Crocs Child Classic Slide Sandals

Crocs Slide Sandals come in four tie-dye colors and six more colors, so there’s a comfy and cool choice for any kid. They have a soft cushion and are light, making them great for the beach, outdoor events, or places near the water. They won’t make your feet hurt or break easily like some other sandals do.

  1. Kids’ Karin Clog

These crocs are like the regular ones but with a small wedge for extra style and support. You can pick from three colors – black, navy, or pink. The heel and strap over the top of the foot make sure the shoe fits well and doesn’t slip off little feet.

  1. Kids’ LiteRide Pacer Sneaker

Crocs Pacer Sneakers are perfect for comfy and fun outdoor play. They come in cool colors like black, blue, mint, and green. The soft foam inside makes these shoes comfy, great for sports, and easy to put on. Plus, they can get wet without a problem, so kids can wear them for all sorts of fun activities in the summer with no fuss.

  1. Kids Croc Unisex LodgePoint Snow Boot

Crocs snow boots are available in pink, blue, and grey, and they are excellent for snowy and cold winters. The inside has cozy material for extra warmth, and the foam makes them comfy and supportive, keeping water away. These boots are ideal for fast-growing kids because you can adjust them with velcro.

  1. Crocs Kids’ Classic Clog

The Crocs Classic Clog comes in sizes for both boys and girls, and it has 31 cool colors like navy, orange, green, purple, and more. These shoes are tough and supportive, and because they’re made of flexible foam, they’re easy for kids to slip on and comfortable to wear all day. Many classic-style crocs can also have Jibbitz charms, so kids can make their shoes unique and show off their interests.

  1. Child Lina Charm Flat Ballet

These flats are available in navy blue and pink, and they are comfy and light for kids to wear all day. The strap keeps them secure without being tricky for kids to put on themselves. Plus, there are many charms to choose from, so kids can make these shoes unique and personal.

  1. Crocband Platform Clogs

These classic-style platform kids crocs come in six bright color combinations and have a raised platform that doesn’t compromise comfort. They keep the flexibility of regular crocs but look cool and stylish, with thick soles for extra support.

  1. Boys and Girls Electro II Clog

These slip-on shoes are made for babies and come in different sizes and six colors. They’re easy to put on and fit well on tiny feet, making them great for babies to wear.

  1. Crocs Kids’ Crocband Clog

The Crocband shoes are like the classic ones but with a smoother style, a stripe on the side, and they come in 14 colors and patterns. They are just as comfy and durable, with special parts for comfortable play.

  1. Crocband II Sandals

Crocband II Sandals have ten colors and are really good for toddlers who like to run and play. They are strong, comfy, and stay on well. The strap can be changed, so they last even if toddlers grow fast.

  1. Swiftwater Expedition Sandals

These sporty sandals are good for toddlers who like water or mud play. They come in six colors, like navy, pink, and different gray/black mixes. The soft straps fit well and keep the sandals on during active play.

  1. Classic Lined Clog

These classic-style clogs are warm with a fuzzy inside. They are easy for kids to wear and come in 24 colors and designs. Both boys and girls will like them. They’re cozy enough for indoor use but sturdy for wearing outside in colder weather.

  1. Crocs Classic All Terrain Clog

These tough clogs are perfect for kids who love playing outside. They won’t slip with their strong grip. There are seven colors to choose from, and the big velcro strap gives extra support and can be changed as your kids grow.

  1. Crocs Unisex-Child Kids’ Literide Clog

Crocs Literide Clogs are comfy for both boys and girls. The Croslite foam makes them strong, flexible, and supportive like other crocs, with extra soft foam for more comfort. These unisex clogs come in 16 bright, fun colors.

  1. Classic Fuzzy Slippers

These cozy slippers in slate gray have a soft lining and a flexible fit for extra comfort. They also have good traction on the bottom, so your toddler can keep warm on hardwood floors without slipping.

  1. Child Crocband Sandal

If you want the perfect summer shoe for your child, these sandals are comfy, easy to clean, and won’t fall off during outdoor play. They come in seven bright colors, making them both stylish and perfect for kids to run around and play in.

  1. Crocs Unisex Kid’s Handle It Rainboots

These boots come in eight bright colors and are perfect for kids who like splashing in puddles, mud, or slush. They’re comfy, light, and easy to clean. The big handles make them easy for kids to put on and take off by themselves.

  1. Classic Cross-Strap Sandal

Crocs Cross-Strap Sandals come in ten bright colors with charms attached. They’re great if you want sandals that will stay on during school, play, and more. They’re light, fit kids well, easy to put on and take off, and comfy enough for the whole summer.

  1. Classic Tie Dye Lined Clogs

These tie-dye clogs have seven color combos and styles, so kids can choose what they like. They have dual crocs comfort, a fuzzy inside, and are high quality. These clogs are tough and comfy for your kids in colder weather.

  1. Classic Marbled Tie Dye Clog

These marble tie-dye clogs are like the classic ones but catch your kid’s eye. They are flexible and comfy for play, and there are 17 tie-dye options to pick from, so kids can show their style while getting support.

  1. Baya Lined Clogs

Kids crocs also has Baya-style clogs with fur lining in gray and pink, just like the classic clogs. The next-gen LiteRide foam makes them soft and strong, and the fur keeps your kid’s feet warm inside and outside.

  1. Crocs Unisex Child Baya Clog

These clogs, a twist on the classic, offer flexibility and comfort in five colors. The new design has more ventilation for outdoor play, and they’re durable, letting kids use them a lot.

  1. Child Clogs

These clogs are just right for toddlers, and you can choose from six bright colors that they’ll love. They’re easy to put on and take off, and they’re strong, so toddlers can play without slipping.

  1. Kids’ Fun Lab Blitzen III Clog

These clogs with fur lining come in four colors and are great for comfy support all day. Unlike other fur-lined Crocs, you can take out the fuzzy liner and wash it. This makes them even more useful – wear them without the liner for a waterproof option in summer, or with the liner for extra warmth.

  1. Child Electro Clog

Crocs Electro Clogs are navy and electric blue and have the usual Crocs comfort sling with a soft footbed, making them even lighter. They’re comfy and easy, perfect for summer for any boy or girl.

Which one of these kids crocs is your favorite?

Choosing the right footwear for your child is a journey of comfort and joy. With a variety of colors, styles, and features, Crocs offer the perfect blend of durability and playfulness. Choosing the right footwear is more than a decision; it’s an investment in your child’s daily adventures. As you make your choice, we hope this comprehensive list has been a helpful guide.