10 Great Options for Kids Backpacks From Preschool to High School


When it’s time for back-to-school shopping, you’ll want to ensure your kids’ backpacks are perfect. This means a roomy backpack to carry all their school supplies but not excessively large. Kids backpacks should also be tough enough to withstand daily use, have a style your child loves wearing, and fit comfortably within your budget, especially considering the other school-related expenses. So, if you’re a parent looking for the perfect kids backpacks, or if you’re just curious about what’s out there in the world of kids’ gear, keep reading on!

  1. L.L.Bean Deluxe Backpack
Kids Backpack
LL Bean Deluxe Kids Backpack
Durable fabricNo straps at the waist or chest
Padded straps and back panelNo laptop sleeve
Available in a variety of colors and printsDesigned for ages 6 and up

L.L.Bean’s Deluxe Backpack is known for its durability and kid-friendly designs. It’s machine washable, making it easy to clean and reuse for years. While it lacks waist and chest straps, it offers ample space and comfortable padding.

  1. JanSport SuperBreak Backpack
Kids Backpack
Green JanSport Kids Backpack
Classic designLimited organization pockets
Spacious main compartmentNo padding on straps or back
Lifetime warrantySimple design

JanSport’s SuperBreak Backpack is an iconic choice with a timeless design. It boasts a large main compartment but lacks extensive pockets for organization. However, it comes with a lifetime warranty for added peace of mind and your kids can also use it for external outdoor activities.

  1. Herschel Supply Co. Heritage Youth Backpack
Kids Backpack
Kids Backpack
Stylish designNo waist or chest straps
Various prints to choose fromLimited size options
Comfortable padded strapsPremium price

Herschel’s Heritage Youth Backpack combines fashion and function, offering stylish designs and comfortable padded straps. It’s suitable for everyday use but lacks additional support with no waist or chest straps.

  1. Skip Hop Zoo Toddler Kids Backpack
Kids Backpack
Kids Backpack
Adorable animal designsSmaller size
Insulated pouch for snacksLimited organization
Adjustable mesh side pocketSuitable for toddlers and younger kids

Skip Hop’s Zoo Toddler Kids Backpacks feature charming animal-themed designs. They include an insulated front pouch for snacks, an adjustable mesh side pocket for a water bottle, and a lunch or snacks box area.

  1. Pottery Barn Kids Mackenzie Backpack
Kids Backpack
Kids Backpack
Customizable with various designsHigher price point
Name tag for personalizationLimited color choices
Water-resistantMay be too large for younger kids

Pottery Barn Kids’ Mackenzie Backpack offers personalization options with various designs. It’s water-resistant and features a name tag for easy identification.

  1. Columbia Kids’ Core Backpack
Kids Backpack
Kids Backpack
Affordable priceBasic design
Durable constructionLimited organization
Comfortable padded strapsNot very spacious

Columbia’s Kids’ Core Backpack provides a budget-friendly option with durable construction. It features padded straps for comfort but offers essential organization and may not be ideal for larger loads.

  1. Under Armour Scrimmage
Kids Backpack
Kids Backpack
Water-resistant materialRelatively higher price
Adjustable Heat Gear shoulder strapsMay be too large for younger children
Multiple pockets for organizationLimited design options

Under Armour’s Scrimmage 2.0 Backpack boasts water-resistant material and HeatGear shoulder straps for comfort. It offers ample pockets for organization but may be larger for younger kids.

  1. North Face Youth Recon Squash Backpack
Kids Backpack
Kids Backpack
Quality constructionHigher price point
Reflective bike-light loopLimited color choices
Multiple compartmentsIt may be too large for preschoolers

The North Face’s Youth Recon Squash Backpack is built to last and includes a reflective bike-light loop for safety. It offers multiple compartments for organization but may be better suited for older kids.

  1. Adidas Youth Excel Backpack
Kids Backpack
Kids Backpack
Iconic Adidas designLimited color choices
Front zippered pocketNo water bottle pocket
Padded shoulder strapsSmaller size

The Adidas Youth Excel Backpack features the brand’s iconic design and padded shoulder straps for comfort. It includes a front zippered pocket for easy access.

  1. Wildkin 12-Inch Backpack
Kids Backpack
Kids Backpack
Wide variety of colorful designsSmaller size
Insulated front pouchLimited durability
Adjustable padded strapsLess suitable for older kids

Wildkin’s 12-Inch Backpack offers a wide range of colorful and fun designs. It includes an insulated front pouch and adjustable padded straps for comfort.

Picking the perfect size for kids backpacks

Selecting the right backpack size for your child is a bit like choosing the right pair of shoes—it needs to fit just right.

An ill-fitting backpack can lead to discomfort, back strain, and difficulties with organization. But don’t worry; we’re here to help different parents and kids navigate the world of kids’ backpack sizes.

  1. Preschool backpacks: Get your little one started with a backpack that’s just their size. These mini backpacks are perfect for tiny shoulders and can hold just the right amount of stuff. 
  2. Elementary school backpacks: As your child grows, their backpack should, too. Ideally, It should include features like pockets for organization and a comfortable design that can withstand the demands of daily use.
  3. Middle school and beyond: Middle schoolers and teenagers need special backpacks. This includes considering factors like increased academic responsibilities, more substantial textbooks, and the importance of style and personal expression.

Straps, padding, and keeping it cool…

When picking a backpack for your child, it’s crucial to consider their comfort. A comfy backpack makes a happy and healthy student. Let’s look at the essential things to keep in mind to ensure your child’s backpack is comfortable.

  1. Straps that make a difference: Straps are like the backbone of a backpack. Some backpacks have adjustable shoulder straps. These are super important because they let you change the fit to suit your child’s body. A well-fitted backpack spreads the weight evenly, so it doesn’t feel too heavy on your child’s shoulders.

You should also check if the backpack has chest and hip belts. These belts aren’t on all backpacks, but they help make the backpack more comfy. They share the load more evenly across the body, which means less strain on the shoulders.

  1. Padding for extra comfort: Imagine your child’s backpack as a comfy pillow. Padded shoulder straps are like the soft cushions that sit on your child’s shoulders. They stop the straps from digging into their skin, mainly when the backpack contains heavy books and school stuff.

A cushioned back panel is also crucial. It acts like a comfy shield between the things inside the backpack and your child’s back. This cushioning comforts the backpack and stops anything sharp or bulky from poking through.

  1. Keeping cool: Being comfy also means staying cool. Imagine how hot your child might feel on a sunny school day or after running around. That’s where backpacks with good airflow come in. Look for backpacks with special channels or mesh panels on the back. They let fresh air in and warm air out, so your child stays cool. The coolness also allows the children’s lunch or late breakfast items to stay fresh.

So, when choosing a backpack, remember that comfort should be your top concern. Adjustable straps, lots of padding, and good airflow all help make your child’s backpack comfy. This way, they can carry their stuff quickly and comfortably wherever they go.

Strong and sturdy: Backpacks that last

When you invest in a backpack for your child, you want it to last. Kids put their bags through a lot – from school to sports to weekend adventures. So, choosing a backpack that can handle everything is essential.

  1. Durability matters: Look for backpacks made from rigid materials like nylon or polyester. These materials are known for their strength and ability to withstand wear and tear. Reinforced stitching in stress areas, like the zippers and straps, is also a good sign that a backpack is built to last.
  2. Quality zippers: Zippers are often the first to fail on a backpack. So, make sure the zippers are sturdy and glide smoothly. Look for big, easy-to-grab zipper pulls, especially for little hands.
  3. Water-resistant: Accidents happen; sometimes, backpacks get caught in the rain. A water-resistant or waterproof backpack can protect your child’s belongings from getting soaked. It’s a lifesaver for keeping homework, books, and electronics safe.

Style and function

Kids love backpacks that look great, and who can blame them? But a backpack’s style should also align with its function. Here’s what to consider when it comes to style and functionality.

  1. Design that fits: While cool designs are essential, ensure the backpack is appropriately sized for your child. A backpack that’s too big or small can cause discomfort and back strain.
  2. Pockets and compartments: Check out the organization’s features. Lots of pockets and compartments help keep things tidy. Smaller pockets are perfect for keys, pens, and small items. Larger compartments are ideal for books, binders, and laptops.
  3. Reflective details: If your child walks or bikes to school, reflective details on the backpack are a great safety feature. They make your child more visible to drivers, especially on dark mornings.
  4. Personalization: Many backpacks come with patches, keychains, or spots for your child’s name. Personalizing the backpack can be fun for your child to express their personality and ensure it doesn’t get mixed up with others at school.

So, when hunting for kids’ backpacks that last, focus on durability, zippers, and water resistance. And don’t forget that style and function can go hand in hand. A backpack your child loves to wear and is designed for their needs is the perfect choice.

Signing off

Trusty kids backpacks are like loyal friends since they carry the tools for learning, just like choosing the perfect kids table and chairs or kids beds that we discussed earlier. But choosing the right backpack isn’t just about picking any bag; it’s about preparing your child for the exciting journey of growing up. Choose wisely, and let your child’s backpack symbolize their readiness to embrace the incredible growing-up journey.